Puma EA Band Sawmill

  • Woodworking Band Sawmill

  • The band saw mill "Puma EA" is CE certified.

  • Sole Agent in Sri Lanka

  • Made in Romania

This band sawmill is designed to cut logs of any species with a diameter of up to 110 cm. The superior conception and the constructive improvements made over time, makes this mill a very easily to use and maintain machine, safe and sturdy. Some of the technical advantages of the "PUMA" sawmill are detailed below.

Model: Puma EA - Horizontal Bandsawmill
Country of Origin: Romania
Overall dimensions (rails not included): axbxc (mm): 830 x 2390x 1820
Rail (track) length: 6m (*)
Largest log diameter (d max): 110 cm
Max width between roller guides (L max): 101 cm
Minimum log length: 80 cm
Maximum log length: 5, 0 m (*)
Fly-wheel diameter (D): 575 mm
Blade length: 5126 mm
Blade width: 45 mm (or 40 mm)
Blade thickness: 0,9 – 1,1 mm
Blade pitch: step 22 mm, special profile
Blade tensioning: hydro-mechanic device
Minimum thickness of the last cut board: 2,5 cm
Measuring system: absolute & relative scale
Feed: electrical, infinitely adjustable from 0,8 to 25m/min
Depth of cut setting: electro-mechanic
Main motor power: 11 KW
Power supply: Three phases 400V/50HZ
Maximum height of the blade(Hmax): 900 mm
Theoretical cutting capacity**: cca. 1 cubic meter/hour
Practical productivity***: 100 – 400 mc/month
Weight of basic machine: cca. 220kg
Weight of one unit of bed-frame extension: cca. 45kg

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