Multi Purpose Woodworking Machine-ML393A

Multi Purpose Woodworking Machine (12"), Model: ML393A, Country of Origin: China

Multi Purpose Woodworking Machine, Model: ML393A, Country of Origin: China

Model: ML-393A
Country of Origin: China
Maximum planing width: 300 mm
Maximum planing depth: 3 mm
Scale of thickness of press-planing: 6 ~ 120 mm
Minimum length of press-planing: 150 mm
Maximum sawing thickness: 85 mm
Maximum rabbeting depth: 10 mm
Maximum drilling diameter: 13 mm
Maximum drilling depth: 60 x 2 = 120 mm
Maximum width of square mortise: 16 mm
Maximum crosscutting width: 360 mm
Rotation speed of planer tool spindle: 3500 r/min
Motor power: 2.2 Kw
Feeding speed: 6.5 m/min
Overall dimensions: 1246 x 1620 x 1030 mm
Net weight: 260 kg

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