High Lifting Stacker

Hand Stacker SFH10/ SFH15/ SFHD10

Easy and comfortable handling through ergonomically handles, effortless pulling during transport with long tiller.

Optional choice of fixed fork (550 x 1150 mm) and adjustable fork (330~740 x 900 mm).

We can offer additional protection for the operator through foot protection on the steering rollers.

Safe parking in any situation with mechanical parking brake.

Optional tiller pumping lifting and foot pedal lifting.

Standard Manual Stacker

Ideal and economic choice for manual transport and lifting, with its different mast options (1600, 2500, 3000 mm) and diverse lifting capacity (500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg) enables to deal with a large number of applications in the warehouse or any other facilities.

For example, with the lift capacity of 1000 kg and lifting height of 1600 mm, therefore the truck is an ideal and economic choice suitable for first level stacking.

Country of Origin: China
Item/ Type: SFH10 SFH15 SFHD10
Capacity Q: kg 1000 1500 1000
Min. fork height h13: mm 85 85 85
Max. fork height h3: mm 1600 1600 2500
Min. mast height h1: mm 1980 1980 1830
Size of fork e x s: mm 150/160 x 60 150/160 x 60 150/160 x 60
Length of fork L: mm 900/1150 300/1150 900/1150
Width of overall fork (adjust/fixed) b5: mm 330~740/550 330~740/550 330~740/550
Radius of gyration: mm 1250/1380 1250/1380 1250/1380
Weight: kg 220 260 300
Fork rollers: mm ø74 x 70 ø74 x 70 ø74 x 70
Weight: mm ø180 x 50 ø180 x 50 ø180 x 50
1 kg = 2.2 LB, 1 Inch = 25.4 mm

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