Wood Cutting Band Saw

Wood Cutting Band Saw - MJ345D
Professional hinge of door
Blade tracking and tension window quick lock rip fence
Cast iron table
Table tilt 45 degree
Full cast iron wheel
Cast iron fence

Wood Cutting Band Saw MJ345D
Country of origin: China
Motor power: 2.2 kw (3HP)

Make: Stanford
Model: MJ345D
Country of Origin: China
Saw wheel diameter: 500 mm
Saw wheel rotation speed: 1000 rpm
Saw cutting speed: 1500 m/ min
Maximum cutting height: 370 mm
Maximum cutting width: 470 mm
Length of saw blade: 4020 mm
Minimum blade width: 12 mm
Maximum blade width: 30 mm
Motor power: 2.2 kw (3HP)
Net weight: 248 kg
Overall dimension: 752 x 916 x 1890 mm

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